About Us

Hello there! 

I'm Hannah, the maker behind Hannah Banana Fabrics. My goal for Hannah Banana was to make useful and unique items with Bright + Happy fabrics. I've been sewing since I was a kid in 4-H. I started quilting during law school and fell in love with modern fabrics. It's truly a dream come true that I get to do this!  

It’s amazing to hear from you that you enjoy what you have bought or been gifted. I love watching someone find that perfect item because it has something they love on it- whether it’s strawberries or owls or raccoons!

I hope you find something you love here! I love doing custom projects, so please reach out to me if you are looking for a custom baby quilt, a book sleeve in a specific fabric for someone special, a custom name banner, or any other ideas. My e-mail is Hannah.Fordyce@gmail.com. 

Photo by Maddie Wegner Creative